About Us

About Us

We moved to Orkney 7 years ago. Previous to this in 2004 & 2008 we visited these enchanting islands and had our hearts captured by the beautiful scenery, wildlife and extraordinary skies that are intrinsic to Orkney.

In 2011 we purchased our home ‘Midhouse’ located in Corrigall, Harray in a very peaceful setting, on the side of the Tooin Hills, above the inland Lochs. At 150 years old approx it presented us a characterful house, formerly a farm house, with nearly ½ acre of garden attached. It was formerly owned and built by the Corrigall family and located near us is the Corrigall Farm Museum. This is a small collection of traditional farm buildings including the farm house, which allows people to see how people lived and farmed in Orkney pre 20th Century.

The property and garden were in need of a complete make over/renovation. The wing on the house, previously an old store and utility area was stripped back to just 4 walls and no floor in 2011 and completely rebuilt/refurbished. This wing we call ‘The Grainstore’ which is where our guests/ visitors stay. The main house had a new roof in 2016 and is still ‘work in progress’.

The Garden

The Garden was the clincher in falling in love with the property. With a waterfall on one boundary and an arched stone bridge on the other, it took the form of a steep, wild slope going down from the back of the property to a burn, with outcrops of tiered rocks giving it some natural terracing.

After 5 years of hard work it is now transformed. The garden is now nearing completion, with its ‘Flying’ viewing platform standing out as a main feature. Giving stunning views to the lochs, it offers somewhere that our guests can sit & maybe enjoy a glass of something or cup of tea! The garden featured in the biannual 2017 Orkney Garden Festival and plans are afoot for it to be in the 2019 Garden Festival as well. Our guests/visitors do have their own garden space with the wing, in cottage style. However they are welcome to explore around the rest of the grounds and see the garden in its entirety if they wish.