Arrival of Spring at The Grainstore & Corrigall

Today is the 24th April 2017 & we have had this morning the heaviest snowfall that we have experienced since moving to Orkney 6 years ago. It fell so thick & fast you couldn’t see through the snowfall. It is only by the virtue that the temperature was just above freezing, the snow fell on very wet ground & the sun came out, that it did not lie long in Harray area. However the higher ground , such as the Hoy hills are still very white in the distance.

If you had gone by the weather the last few weeks you may have been forgiven for thinking spring was still a while away. March was warmer & much more pleasant to be outside in than just recently. Cold N.W winds have been predominant for some weeks now & it’s been cold. The biggest give away that spring is here are the birds. There are many more species evident now than 3 months ago. Our current guests are keen bird watchers & have seen 90 species in 2 days! The birds are also frantically nest building in our stable & outbuilding and in the cracks of the stone walls nearby. Any potential nesting habitat is being used.

Work however has resumed outside in the garden. Tidying from the winter and continuing with ongoing hard landscaping & planting projects. We hope to have a summer house for the use of our guests later in the season, where they can have alfresco breakfast, listening to the rushing water of the burn below & with stunning views of the Lochs in the distance.

We have also had our annual Visit Scotland Quality Assurance visit recently & have been awarded 4* Gold for Bed & Breakfast. Those wishing to can also stay on a Serviced Apartment basis – awarded 4* Simply put this is basically Self Catering with serviced accommodation and other ‘treats’ for your stay. Our website will be amended to explain fully what this can offer our guests. However to stay on a basic Self Catering basis will be available still.

Finally, the Corrigall Farm Museum, one of our neighbours, has reopened from its winter closure. It is worth a visit. Depicting life some 150+ years ago, living and working on a croft farm. Our goats, lambs & chickens live in the museum over the summer months bringing ‘life’ to the exhibits, and help keep the grass down. Orkney certainly grows thick, lush grass very well!

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