The Grainstore – Breakfast!

Breakfast at The Grainstore comes with flexibility on breakfast times & options! Continental & full cooked breakfast options. See below for details.

We have found many of our guests like to have very flexible breakfast times. Our bird watchers & those with small children wake early ( & those early ferries to catch ) & those on a chill out exploratory holiday like to breakfast later.

To accommodate everyone’s needs we offer as standard a generous continental breakfast which is laid out the night before, either in the kitchenette or summer house, with the perishables popped into The Grainstore’s fridge. There is also a cooker & microwave if you wish to warm your bread or croissant options. (See menu below). On finishing your breakfast & leaving the accommodation in the morning we then clear away, wash up etc everything as part of your accommodation servicing & then in the evening prepare for the next morning!

On request – at time of booking – we can offer served Bed & Breakfast, either the continental option or with a full cooked & traditional Scottish breakfast, at no additional cost. This would be available between 7.30 & 8.30 am. However as I am the only cook there may be occasional mornings when cooked breakfast is not available. On these days the continental breakfast would be the only option. When your booking comes through we will check about your breakfast preferences before taking any payment.

Features Summary

  • A continental style breakfast consists of:
    To start with: fruit juice, selection of cereals, fresh fruits/berries, yoghurt
    Followed by: locally sourced Orkney bread, traditional Orkney bread known as Flour/Bere Bannock, scotch pancakes, salmon & Orkney cheese, croissants & pastries, locally made/homemade jams, marmalade.
  • Selection of Coffee and teas. Decaff available.
  • Serviced continental – as above but served at an agreed time at table.
  • Traditional cooked breakfast – see menu below.
  • We are committed to using as much locally sourced quality produce as possible & where possible homemade. Information of where our produce is sourced is available when you stay.
  • Certain breakfast items are bought on request to ensure their freshness.

Breakfast Menu – Full Cooked Breakfast


When at all possible as many of our breakfast items are sourced from local bakeries, butchers, other local sources. We are happy to detail where they have been supplied from when you stay.

Anything not on this list that you might like, please feel free to request.

Choice of 2 fruit juices

Choice of cereals

Porridge ( on request )

Choice of available soft fruits: as available

Fresh fruit salad ( on request )

Plain greek yoghurt + activia or similar yoghurt

Cooked Breakfast choices

Sausage – when possible from Dounby butcher

Bacon – as above



Eggs: Fried, scrambled, boiled, poached – if possible from our own hens!

Black pudding – when possible from Dounby butcher

Haggis – as above

Tattie scone or Scotch pancake – ( when available from local supplier )

Smoked salmon – (when available from local supplier)

Accompanied by:

Selection of breads to eat / toast including : bere bannock ( when available from local supplier), locally baked white and brown bread ( when available from local supplier).

Croissants bought on request

Rhubarb jam/Marmalade – Orkney made/homemade, when available



Cafetiere of ground coffee, decaff available, Selection of teas.